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    Hello, I'm Chris Hicks and welcome to my online portfolio. I am a web developer and online marketing specialist from St. Pete, Florida.

    Although highly skilled in numerous web development disciplines, I am a dynamic multi skilled web developer with a passion for creating innovative media designs, regardless of the medium.

    • Web Design
    • Interactive Media
    • SEO & Online Marketing

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    I Know Web Design, SEO, & Interactive Media.

    I love designing, developing, and marketing all types of online media. I have an extensive background in web development, including more than a decade of experience in creating successful organic and paid search engine traffic campaigns. I am a Google Certified Individual, that specializes in online traffic marketing.

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    Want to hire me for work? I'm currently available for freelance work but unfortunately I am only entertaining jobs with a budget of $1000 and up at this time. If you have any questions pertaining to a project or my capabilities please feel free to contact me using the form on the right side of this page.

    You will also be able to reach me by sending an email to the following Gmail account.



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  • My Education

    Associates in Science - Digital Arts, Media, & Interactive Web Design, w/ Honors. St. Petersburg College, 2013.
    In the Spring of 2003 I began working on a degree in Computer Science at St. Petersburg College, Florida. While attending classes focused on Network Management, I became interested in web development, so I began building my own websites, while developing organic and PPC search engine traffic campaigns. In 2010, I returned to St. Petersburg College and received a degree in Interactive Digital Media and Web Design.

    Associates in Science - Programming & Systems Analysis, w/ Honors. St. Petersburg College, 2014.
    Immediately after earning my first degree, I began working towards a second degree in Programming and Systems Analysis, with focus on C#/Open Source development.

    The art of self education through online resources.
    I read all the time. I utilize a multitude of web development resource websites to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. Beyond formal education, I spend most of my free time learning new development skills by reading developer blogs or watching online video tutorials at websites like Lynda.com, DevelopPHP.com, and w3schools.com. I am constantly searching the web for information that will continue to expand my web development skill set.

  • My Awards

    2012 SEmmy Award - Best Video Game Creation
    This award is given annually to the student who uses a game engine or program (Flash, Unity, etc) to create the best video game.

    2012 SEmmy Award - Most Creative Digital Media
    This award is given once a year to the student who creates the most creative digital media with any type of multimedia software programs including Director, Flash, etc.

    2013 SEmmy Award - Best Video Game Creation
    This award is given annually to the student who uses a game engine or program (Game Maker, Flash, etc) to create the best video game.

    2013 SEmmy Award - Best Website Design
    This award is given once a year to the student who creates the best website design utilizing programs such as Dreamweaver, Notepad++, etc.

  • Technologies

    Part Designer / Part Coder
    I have used a myriad of digital media creation tools while developing numerous types of digital media projects. I am proficient and knowledgeable, or have practical experience with the following web development technologies. I am a Google Certified SEO Consultant / Manager with over a decade of experience building successful SEO campaigns.

    • { Development Tools }
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Wordpress & Joomla
    • Google Developer Tools
    • Modernizr
    • Pro Tools
    • { Coding Languages }
    • HTML5 / CSS3
    • JavaScript / jQuery
    • ActionScript 3
    • XML
    • mySQL / PHP
    • Perl / CGI
    • C#
    • { SEO Tools }
    • Google Analytics
    • Social Crawlytics
    • Getstat
    • IIS SEO Toolkit
    • SEO Spider
    • Scraper
    • Bing SEO Analyzer